Sunday, August 18, 2013


Well how-dee-doo and WELCOME to the Laura Lou and Photography Too blogeroo... oh this isn't an old Western, well then I'll stop with all that nonsense now.  If you are here because you know me then HI. If you are here because you do not know me and you would like to know me then... HI to you too!

To put it succinctly this is just a collection of my ramblings about my life, photography and anything else I darn well please because this is MY blog dammnit! Oh goodness, well that escalated quickly...

I'm keeping it short and sweet for this first post, mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing on this newfangled blogisphere so many buuuttonsss...  So stick around for more inane drivel, visual examples of me fumbling with a Canon DSLR, and the general ravings of a mad-womangirlchild who thinks 25 is a dandy year to figure out life. In closing of my very first post.... here is a picture of my sister's golden retriever Abigail Louise (I know that name is adorkable) in 3D Movie hipster glasses, because honestly if that doesn't tickle your fancy I'm not sure what you're doing on the interwebs!

"I played tug of war before it was cool"

Hey the blog title says photography... no one promised it would be any good! : P

May the grass always be greener on your side,


  1. Hello! I am a prince from Africa. You are very pretty. Please send me money and we can marry and you will be princess.

    1. Toast you mysterious man you, where should I send this money to entice you to take me as your wife!? :)